Be an MCFRVI Volunteer

Interested individuals who would like to be of service to the community through membership with the MCFRVI have two options of membership. He or she could either choose to become a Director/Trustee, or volunteer his time and services towards becoming a regular member.

Director/Trustee A Director is a member of the policy making body of the Organization.

Regular A Regular Member is a bonafide member of the Organization, having passed the probationary period and complied with the requirements set forth by the Organization.

Probationary A Probationary Member is an applicant for recognition as a bonafide member.

(a) All probationary members shall undergo an initial probationary period of six (6) months. During this period, either the probationary member or the Organization may terminate membership by giving a written notice prior to the termination of membership.

(b) The elevation of probationary members to regular membership shall be recommended by any regular member for approval of the Board of Directors.

Prospect A Member Prospect is an individual signifying interest to join the organization. He may be invited to participate in several activities of MCFRVI but do not have formal ties with the MCFRVI.