Child believed to have perished in a mid-day fire at Paco, Manila

A fire destroyed 50 houses in Paco District of Manila before firefighters were able to put it under control past 1 p.m. on Monday. Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers helped to find a child who is believed to have been trapped in one of the houses. The child has not yet been found as of this posting.

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The fire, which started at the corner of Gomez and Canonigo Streets, had reached Task Force Bravo as of Monday noon. The fire broke out near an orphanage and a local high school.

enter site Firefighters had a hard time getting to the source of the fire which started around 11AM because of the narrow streets and congested residential area.

follow site Residents tried to save their belongings, while some of the men stayed behind and formed a water brigade to try and stop the fire.