WaSaR Training of MCFRVI Pays Off!!!

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go In what can be considered as a practical application of the learnings MCFRVI was bragging to have gained from their Water Search and Rescue Training (WaSaR), operatives of Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers responded to a distress call at Parkway Village, Barangay Apolonio Samson in Quezon City Friday evening, 24th June 2011.

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go A call for help was received by MCFRVI at around 10 in the evening wherein an elderly lady in her 80s was said to be home alone and trapped on the second floor of her house amidst fast rising flood waters. Little did the responders know that what awaits them turns out to be a whole community waiting-out for the flood waters to subside on rooftops.


http://mycarril.com/male-male-first-time-sex-stories Cavalier-4 employed the deep-diving techniques he learned in training to open gates in order to allow rubber boats access to victims awaiting rescue.


follow site Cavalier-7 on the other hand was able to use grappling techniques he learned from training to save a victim from drowning and bring her to safety.

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http://rootsoffreedomfestival.com/review-sex-and-city MCFRVI was the first responders on scene and already rescued at least two elderly ladies and two toddlers when an MMDA rescue team arrived to assist them.


Central District Fire and Rescue Volunteer Brigade also arrived followed by Alpha Brotherhood Fire and Rescue Volunteers dispatched by the Philippine National Red Cross a few hours into the operation.  A team from the Philippine Coast Guard also arrived but stood down after learning that most of the job has already been accomplished.


MCFRVI was able to rescue a total of twelve individuals that night.  Their weeks of training to be certified water safety and water rescue operatives paid off in one go.


If only we could have one of those expensive rubber boats, we could have done more…