Fire Prevention Campaign, Sampaloc Manila

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mature women and shemales Fire Safety Awareness Campaign for Sampaloc District

March 8, 2009

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon at around 2PM, several fire volunteer brigades massed up at the intersection of Blumentritt and España Streets in preparation for an information drive on fire safety and awareness amongst residents of the Sampaloc District in Metro Manila.

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Comprising the awareness drive is a group made up of at least 15 volunteer brigades who have brought to the event their respective fire fighting apparatus; in all, a total of 17 fire trucks took part in the motorcade.  In a span of two hours, a spectacle of bright flashing lights and the thunderous sound of their sirens wailed throughout the whole district of Sampaloc.  Candies and other goodies were distributed to the crowd.  The echoing sound of the sirens was able to get the attention of everyone.  Those inside their homes even went out to have a look at what was going on.


The parade ended at around 5PM.  Capping the activity was a buffet of select oriental dishes at a restaurant in Timog area, Quezon City.  Everyone who joined the parade was able to fill their hearts out with food that really satisfied the palate.


The activity was done in relation to the fire prevention month and was made possible thru the initiative of the Congressional Representative of District 4 of Manila.