The Association of Philippines Volunteers Fire Brigades, Inc. holds elections!!!

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The Association of Philippines Volunteers Fire Brigades, Inc. (APVFBI) will be holding its annual elections today, 24 February 2011, 1900H at the Association’s headquarters at Leveriza Street corner Quirino Avenue, Manila.  The newly elected members of the Board of Trustees will compose the 36th Board of Directors of the Association for the year 2011 – 2013.

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source link The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI) will be sending five representatives to the election.


We send our warmest felicitations to the incoming board.

Earthquake felt in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon

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The successive earthquakes felt across the world in the preceding days seemed to serve a stark reminder of what lies ahead. 


It should serve as a reminder of the Big One expected to hit the Metropolis at any given time.  In the last two days, at least 20 earthquakes with damaging potential have been recorded around the world.  One of them, with a magnitude of 5.3, hit Metro Manila and its environs at 10:10AM.


With this in mind, the MCFRVI renews its appeal to everyone concerned to constantly be prepared for any exigencies and eventualities that may occur in the future.


The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. continues to be on the ready for such eventualities by participating in Disaster Preparedness activities such as Confined Space Search and Rescue and Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue trainings in conjunction with the Philippine National Red Cross, San Juan Eagles Fire Search and Rescue Volunteers and other similar organizations.


We hope the public will join us in assuring that preparations for any exigencies are made as much as they can be anticipated.

Letter from Heidi Mendoza…

Greetings of Peace!

In the middle of the raging controversies that our country is facing, one glaring truth cannot simply be ignored.  There is a brewing tension between good and evil and I believe now is the time to for a baptized Catholic and a Christian public servant like me to run to my mentors and seek the comfort of the church.

As many of you would know, I accepted the General Garcia case not as another audit engagement sometime in October 2004. It was a result of prayerful discernment and a series of consultation with guardians of my faith.  I went beyond the call of duty and closed my eyes to my personal fears, guided by the thought that my heart is in the right place.


The assignment just like any Christian experience is not smooth sailing.  There are challenges coming from the very institutions that are supposed to protect the interest of the people.  I stood firm though I cannot deny that there were several instances when convictions and beliefs simply failed to sustain me.  As history will tell, then, Ombudsman Marcelo resigned, I was left to seek help from my own office the Commission on Audit.  The response is again a challenge to ordinary faith. No less than the former Chair convinced me to simply return the documents my team gathered and close the case. “Christ himself failed to save the world so how can ordinary mortals like us dream of succeeding in the fight against corruption when obviously it is a fight between good and evil.”


Perhaps I am not willing to give up my flickering hope and diminishing faith inside that I just decided to quit from a 20 year old job.  In March 16, 2006, on the birth of my father who has painstakingly shown me the values of honest and dedicated public service, I filed my resignation.


In October 2007, the state prosecutors handling the case, begged me to help the government and with minor convincing, I agreed.   I appeared at Sandiganbayan for more than 16 times and in between those hearing, I felt the absence of the public support which I think is critical to cases such as this.  In one instance, in open court hearing, I was astounded when the defense lawyer slapped before my face the copy of the letter of the CoA chair denying the creation of an audit team that took care of the investigation. It’s the biggest test to my faith. No less than the accused told me that I am a liar and that there will be a reckoning day for me.”


It is in this particular time that I sought for a God with His mighty arm that will simply strike the opponents of truth with his blazing sword.  At the same time, I sought for the wounded and agonizing face of my savior so I can draw some strength and the passion to go on. I felt so alone that prayers alone are not sufficient to console me, I was then literally reaching to a God whom I can hold, I can touch, I can embrace! He did not deprive me of this longing, when you texted me on that date, I realized that God has gone high tech and invaded the virtual world.

I thought that the challenge was ended, the moment I completed my appearances before the Sandiganbayan.  I was wrong.  Last March 12, 2010 I personally saw the signed plea bargain agreement but I must admit that I have been weakened by my own experience and already afraid to give up the comfortable life that I have.  Still however, I searched my conscience and shared these with few trusted friends.  As a consequence of my fear, we now have a seeming triumph of evil versus the truth.


Last December 23, 2010, I filed my resignation from my current employer in response to a conscience call.  It is my Christian calling that I cannot ignore that is why I went out of my comfort zone and together with my entire family heed the call to embrace this cause with the same passion when I started it.


I seek your assistance, I am reaching out for help in making a united stand.  Sinners as we are, I am confident that God will bless the pure longing of our broken heart if we are willing to make a sacrifice.


The government that we have right now is certainly not perfect, but I think it is the only Government that we have and the government that we deserve.  The plea bargain happened during the dark years of the previous administration.  Together we need to inform our people, we need to make a united stand.


In ending, let me express my gratitude to the only people I looked up with so much faith and respect.  The recent events have shown me that the truth is unveiled not in the brilliant minds of men but only in the hearts of men burning with Love and Faith.


I would like to apologize, if there are any courtesies which I have not observed.  I am asking for prayers not only for my family but for the entire country.


Marami pong salamat!


Heidi Mendoza

The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI), headed by its Board of Directors would like to greet our brothers and sisters in the Chinese community a very prosperous new year!!!

To our Cantonese speaking Chinese brethren, KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!!!


To our Hookien speaking Chinese brethren, KIONG HEE HUAT CHAI!!!


To our Mandarin speaking brethren, GONG XI FA CAI!!!


To all our friends, XIN NIEN KWAI LE!!!  SIN NI KHOAI LOK!!!


From the Board of Directors of MCFRVI,


        William S. Chua                 Triton Alpha

        Patrick T. Co                    Triton Bravo

        Dexter A. Cruz               Triton Charlie

MCFRVI supports Miss Heidi Mendoza!!!

The Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI) joins the nation in its clamor for good governance.


That said, we are publishing herein, verbatim, Ms. Heidi Mendoza’s statement regarding her recent testimony in the Senate about corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


Ma’am Heidi is a supporter of MCFRVI.


Minamahal kong kapwa Pilipino, kasamahan sa gobyerno at ka-ehemplo,

I decided to come out in the open, not to cause any division or destruction of institutions. The institutions on the center stage today are both important to me.  Both have been part of my career and my advocacy.  There’s so much room for hopelessness and I cannot in my conscience hide behind the comfort of my job.  To me part of being “ehemplo” is instilling hope in the midst of hopelessness.  I must admit that at first I wanted to blame myself for the decision I made but I have crossed the line and there’s no looking back. We need to rise as a nation and reclaim our dignity. It took time before my children were able to understand why I chose the road less taken. Why I have opted to give them a life where they cannot enjoy parties with friends or a simple walk in the park, why I have caused them sleepless nights and endless worries, and why I have decided to leave a stable job. Last night mass gave each of us the answers.


Those among you who knew me know fully well na matatakutin ako. I cannot sleep  alone. In my deepest reflection, I asked God to push me…give me another hour to think and I may no longer agree. Now, God has clearly shown us how faithful  He is to all of us.


Let us continue to sow hope and hang on to our faith, please pray for our country!


one with you