Celebrate the season with a Lechon whilst patronizing those who help us help you…

Christmas is just around the corner. 


‘Tis the season to be jolly.


click There will be lots of feasting, parties, gatherings, reunions and other celebrations these coming days. 


go What better way to feast than to have a lechon as part of the menu in your celebrations??? And for your Lechon, make sure it’s PING-PING Lechon!!!


PING-PING Special Native Lechon and Lechon Baka and Restaurant is ready to provide you with the most succulent Roast Pig and Roast Calf this Christmas. 


Catering services are also available. 


For inquiries or Lechon pick-up, PING-PING Lechon is conveniently located along A. Bonifacio Avenue in the Lechon Capital of the Philippines, La Loma Quezon City.  You may also call to inquire about prices and other menu at (63)2-740-2175.  Personal attention by it’s Proprietor, Mr. William Chua is assured.


And the best part of it is – you are helping those who help us help you!!! 


Ping-Ping Lechon has been an ardent supporter of MCFRVI for the past years, thus providing us the opportunity to continually serve the community in our volunteer firefighting endeavors.





A celebration is not a true celebration without a Lechon…

                                                                                go here – Dr. Manny Rocha


Happy Christmas to all…

Have a holly and jolly Christmas everyone… and may the New Year usher in a dawn of new beginnings…

Seasons greetings from the Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc.

Christmas Fire Safety Tips

Christmas should be a season of joy and festivities but the previous years have shown that it could turn into a season of sadness and loss. 


Every year, a significant number of fire incidents during the Christmas season are responded to by MCFRVI.  Several Christmas traditions increase the risk of fire incidents in a home.


By following a few sensible safety measures, everyone can celebrate and enjoy the season without having to worry about the risks of fire.


Christmas Lights

Defective and/or substandard Christmas Lights arguably remain to be the number one cause of fire incidents in the season.  If a Christmas light is not outdoor-rated, keep it inside.  Use only outdoor-rated power cords and outlets to prevent shorts and surges.  Most importantly, make sure that the Christmas light you use particularly indoors bears the PS marking of the DTI or the ICC markings for imported lights.  Make sure that the power wires are not too thin for the load and that the power sockets could not be bended with your fingers.


Electrical Outlets

While most Christmas decorations need electricity, be sure to keep within the power ranges of your electrical outlets.  Be careful not to overload your circuits as this may lead to your household appliances breaking down or worse, a fire.  Be sure to turn off and unplug electrical decorations before you go to bed.


Christmas Trees

No Christmas is complete without a lighted tree.  That said, without proper care, Christmas trees can pose fire hazards.  Check lights for damage before using them to adorn your tree and keep cords away from pets who may chew on them.  Never install electric decorations that have worn or exposed wirings.



Christmas cooking, parties, reunions and family dinners mean people spend a lot of time cooking.  Add to the distractions and stressors of the season, increased kitchen time can create an often overlooked fire danger.  Tired hostesses may forget to unplug now-empty crock pots.  A cook rushing to get the ham out of the oven might grab up a convenient dish towel that can catch in a gas oven’s flame. Take time to unplug appliances and turn off ovens and burners.  Use oven mitts or potholders to remove casseroles.  Tie back long hair and push back dangling sleeves.



While the preceding are just some of the most common fire risks during the season, use of proper and basic common-sense could and would be a lifesaver.


In case of fire, call the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades at 522-22-22.

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Almost two months since the last update, we apologize for failing to update sooner.


That said, the Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI) would like to extend our warmest seasons greetings to everyone.


While it is the season to be jolly, the festive season of the Yule brings with it the anticipated increase of fire incidents due mainly to malfunctioning Christmas lights.  That said, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to take all appropriate measures to ensure that your home decorations are fire safe.


For immediate fire and rescue response, you can reach the Association of Philippine Volunteers Fire Brigades at gay germany koeln 522-22-22.  The nearest fire volunteer brigade to your location would attend at the soonest possible time.