Be prepared – Plan ahead…

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Practice evacuating the building blindfolded. In a real fire situation, the amount of smoke generated by a fire most likely will make it difficult to see.

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Practice staying low to the ground when escaping.


Feel all doors before opening them. If a door is hot, get out another way.

Learn to stop, drop to the ground, roll if clothes catch fire.

Bautista is QC Mayor!!!


Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista was proclaimed last Tuesday as the duly elected mayor in the recently concluded polls.


In a landslide victory, Bautista garnered 497,965 votes while his closest rival, Michael Defensor, obtained 126,246 votes. Mary Ann Susano, a former congresswoman, came in third with 68,035.


The chief of staff of the Vice Mayor said that the official’s track record was reason enough for residents to vote for him.


“The unblemished service and tangible programs of Bautista in government for the people of Quezon City, including the ground swell of support that we received, strengthen our faith that the people will bring us to a well-deserved mandate to continue serving as Quezon City’s new chief executive,” Aldrin Cuna, Bautista’s chief of staff, said.


The Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers extends their utmost support and felicitations to the newly elected local executive who is also a staunch supporter of a fellow volunteer organization, the Central District Fire and Rescue Brigade, where Aldrin Cuna is Brigade President.

Happy Mother’s

The Officers and Members of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all mothers!!! 


Happy Mother’s day to all moms!!!  Thanks for making us what and who we, your children, are now!!!