MCFRVI gets accepted as regular member to the APVFBI

The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI) has been accepted as Regular Member Brigade to the Association of Philippine Volunteers Fire Brigade, Inc. (APVFBI).


follow url In a meeting of the Board of Directors last 8 January 2010, it was resolved, after deliberation by the Board, that MCFRVI, together with HUVUD Fire Prevention Association and Central District Fire and Rescue Volunteer Brigade, be accepted to the Roll of member brigades of the Association.

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MCFRVI Director and Deputy Fire Chief Dexter Cruz represented the group to the said meeting where it has been resolved that after a year of undergoing probationary status, the three volunteer brigades have sufficiently complied with the requirements of the Association and thus eligible for full regular membership.


The MCFRVI would like to extend its gratitude and support to the APVFBI President, Mr. Francisco Guevarra (Papa 1), Fire Marshall Jerry Chua (Patriot ALPHA), the Secretary-General Carlos Polican.


Most importantly, MCFRVI would like to recognize the invaluable support and assistance of its sponsors, South San Nicolas Volunteer Fire Brigade through Mr. ENRIQUE DY and the Novaliches Volunteer Fire Brigade through Mr. WILLIAM LIM, who without them, MCFRVI would not have been able to reach full membership.