Metroplex Pumper temporary out of service Metroplex Pumper, the lone apparatus of MCFRVI is temporarily Out of Service for repairs. The transmission of Metroplex unfortunately gave during previous fire fighting operations of MCFRVI.

source url The repairs are currently being ably done by REVZONE with the technical assistance of Mang Jimmy the Mechanix at P.Noval/J.Barlin Streets Sampaloc, Manila.

source We hope to complete repairs within the coming week and put Metroplex back in service to the community.

Philippine Science High School

massaging the male ass hole A fire broke out around 1:20A.M. at the Philippine Science High School along Agham Road, Diliman Quezon City.

benefits of drinking cum The fire was tapped at third alarm as of posting, involved was the second floor of the main building.

facial in product salon spa used Firefighters had a bit of a challenge containing the blaze as they did not have Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to penetrate the thick smoke to get to the fire.

durex avanti non latex condoms Philippine Science High School is the premiere secondary school of the country.

Central Park Condominium, Pasay City

Just as the fire at Parañaque was being put under control, another fire call came in at around 2230H.

Involved was the 8th floor of the Central Park Condominium, Pasay City near the boundary of Makati City (Bangkal).

The fire was tapped at second alarm at around 2235, and raised to fifth alarm as of posting time.

San Antonio Valley 9, Parañaque

Heavy rains did not stop a fire from gutting several houses in San Antonio Valley 9 in Parañaque thursday night.

The fire which broke out at around 9pm was responded to by volunteer fire brigades coming all the way from Manila, Pasig, Quezon City and other parts of the Metropolis, braving the heavy rains and floods.

As of posting, the fire has already reached the alarm Task Force Alpha.

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Just as Metroplex Pumper and crew were mopping up the fire at Grace Christian High School in Quezon City, another call came in “for verification” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

It so happened that i was crossing the intersection of Roxas Blvd. and CCP at the time, on my way to work, so i responded to verify.  I arrived just at the same time two engines of the BFP arrived.

Smoke could be noticed once you enter the side entrance.  I was told that the smoke is coming from the fifth floor.  Together with BFP first responders, we ride up the elevator to the fifth floor.  Thick smoke welcomes us  as the elevator door opens into a wall-to-wall carpeted hall.

The source of the smoke was traced to a shorted electrical connection behind the walls of the main theater.

Good thing the fire was put out before it could cause real damage to a Philippine landmark.

As for me, i report to work reeking with smoke…