HS student killed in Manila fire




Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers responded to a fire before dawn Friday, 11 July 2008, where high school student died after being trapped in one of the five houses gutted by fire in Sta. Ana district, Manila.

Police identified the fatality as Francisco Leodones, 12, of No. 1725, Punta in Sta. Ana district.

Snooky Leodones, the victim’s aunt, said they tried to wake the victim up as flames consumed their home around 3 a.m.

The woman said she hurriedly ran out of the house and tried to save some belongings, thinking that her nephew was already safe outside.

She discovered that Leodones had died in the blaze when firefighters found the body of the 13-year-old victim during mopping-up operations.

Initial reports had indicated there were no casualties in the fire that hit the victim’s two-story house and the nearby General Emilio Aguinaldo Integrated School.

Arson probers said that flames spread from the Leodones family’s home toward the Emilio Aguinaldo Elementary School. At least three floors of a school building were gutted.

Fire also destroyed four more houses before flames were put out around 4 a.m. after reaching fifth alarm.

School authorities made arrangements for the students to temporarily go to a nearby school.

Investigators have yet to determine the cause of the fire and the property damage.