Earthquake/Landslide Search and Rescue Orientation Course Operatives of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. will be undergoing a 2-day Earthquake/Landslide Search and Rescue Orientation course to be facilitated by the Emergency Group of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

male escorts maimi fl The 2-day Course is in cooperation with the Association of Philippines Volunteers Fire Brigades where MCFRVI is an active member-brigade.

en having sex This course is in pursuit of the capability-building measures currently undertaken by MCFRVI in anticipation of the Big One that is expected to hit the Metro in the near future.

links model nude teen Classroom lectures will be held at the APVFBI headquarters while practical applications of learnings will be conducted at MMDA facilities.

MCFRVI in Blood Drive

toys in babeland sex toys vibrators sex info Operatives of the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers participated in a Blood Letting activity that aimed to support the government’s initiative in maintaining a credible level of blood supply for any and all exigencies. Dubbed “The Blood Donor Today May Be the Recipient Tomorrow”, the activity was spearheaded by the Association of Philippines Volunteers Fire Brigade, Inc. in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross.

gitt gay More than 200 individuals participated in the said event where breakfast was provided to everyone as well as shirts and grocery items for the successful donors.

go to link The event was held at the APVFBI Headquarters last 18 September 2011, Sunday.

Emergency preparedness is a Team Sport

Putting in place an action plan for your family and friends should disaster strikes could make the difference between your survival and safety during and after any calamity.

We refer to disaster as any event, both natural and man-made, that may threaten the security of your life, limb and property.  The most common of these are earthquakes, typhoons, and fire.

MCFRVI has extensive experience responding to and fighting fires and we have seen what lack of preparedness results to.

As we reallocate our capability to prepare for the clear and present threat of the “Big One” and to address the continuous devastation that we experience during heavy downpours, you can do your part by being prepared with an Rapid Emergency Action Plan (REAP) should calamity strike.

Be prepared ahead of time.  Figuring out what to do in times of crises will be hampered by a variety of factors including confusion and despair, immediately following disaster.

Here are some easy to follow tips that you can consider in drafting your action plan should disaster strike :

  • Establish a means to account all family members/friends following a catastrophe.  Remember that a disaster of a magnitude scale may disrupt contemporary modes of communication like the cell phones or the internet.  You may agree on a specific place to meet should you lose touch with your immediate family;
  • In a disaster of great magnitude, disaster response teams including volunteer organizations like the MCFRVI may not reach everyone immediately.  Help may not arrive for hours or even days, so in the meantime, you are on your own.  It is important to put together a “Jump Kit” with all the basic needs that can last up to 3 days;
  • Put all basic and important documents like passports, bank books, certificates, etc. in one bag that can easily be retrieved and carried should you need to evacuate immediately;
  • Most importantly, during the disarray immediately succeeding a calamity, you should keep your focus.  Grief and despair could be done later.  Your immediate concern should be the safety, well being and security of your loved ones.

Remember, by keeping your focus, the life you save may be YOUR OWN!

Several Earthquakes jolt the country…

In what can be considered as a grim reminder, various parts of the country experienced mild to strong earthquakes the past days.

These jolts seem to remind us that the “Big One” can, and will, come without warning.

That said, the Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers would like to remind everyone to stay alert and be prepared for any eventualities should the “Big One” ever happen.

Adequate preparation would help minimize untoward incidents and mitigate casualties.

Educate your loved ones on how to appropriately react should any eventualities arise.

Remember, to be prepared for disaster is the most effective way of staying safe.

South San Nicolas Inducts New Officers

The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers would like to extend its warmest greetings and congratulations to the incoming officers of the South San Nicolas Volunteer Fire Brigade who will be inducted today, 3 July 2011 at Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant.

We wish you all the best in our mutual pursuit of public service.

Mabuhay po kayo!!!