Halcon Street, Quezon City – September 14, 2009

http://bonnieahrenssellsoc.com/free-cumshot-shemales-porn It’s been a long while since we last posted our activities in our site. You can’t blame us for not doing so. Thankfully, there has been a scarcity of fire occurrences in the Metro for the past couple weeks.

http://nonprofitrockstartour.com/free-milf-amiture-full-movies Early today though at around 03:11AM, everyone was alarmed when a fire call aired through the radio frequencies. Operators blasted a fire call for verification well within our area of responsibility.

Just a few blocks from the residence of our Fire Chief, MCFRVI personnel quickly responded to the scene surprised to be welcomed by huge sets of flames. Rated at a 3rd level Alarm, the fire gutted down 3 residential buildings. Although no one was reportedly injured at the incident, loss to property was estimated at a whopping P800,000.

Government operatives declared the fire as “put out” around 04:45AM. MCFRVI stayed at the scene for fogging operations up until 05:30AM, ensuring the worried residents that we will not be leaving them until we are sure of their over-all safety.

The structures involved were duplexes so the risk of the fire crawling onto the next unit was high. And having to be closely connected to the burning units, smoke and vapor trails crept thru the ceilings and walls of these units. Thanks to our trained personnel and the oversight of our distinguished Chief, adjoining units were spared from irrelevant flooding operations which in turn may have caused more damage to property. Sometimes, if not most of the time, fire fighting techniques, when done improperly, may cause more harm than good.

Cavalier 9

School Fair at CHSM

The College of the Holy Spirit -Manila will be having a school fair on February 12 – 14 2009.

In conjunction with this, a Magic show will be held at 3pm at the CHS grounds on the 14th of February.

The show will feature illusionists, mentalists, magicians, etc., billed by the best in the industry like Kel (www.magikel.net) and Mastervader to name a few.

Bring your kids and family, or celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one(s) and enjoy a magical afternoon at Mendiola, home to some of the country’s premiere schools and the heart of the University Belt.

Tickets are modestly priced at 30 pesos each.

Proceeds of the show will be for the benefit of the projects of the Psychological Society of CHS.

If interested, please email coffeebean@metrofirevolunteers.org



We are recruiting!!!

The Metropolitan Composite Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. (MCFRVI) is opening its doors to interested individuals to comprise its Corps of Volunteer Fire Fighters.

We are specially calling on the YOUTH (18-30 years old) for this extra-ordinary opportunity to actively participate in public assistance, particularly during Fire Emergencies, although no age limit is required.

The only thing we require from prospective volunteers is dedication and the desire to be of service to the community.

Experience is not required as we will provide you with adequate trainings you will need to become fire busters.


For particulars, please send us an email.